Managed IT Services help you grow and improve your business technology over time, without a huge upfront or unexpected costs.

How We Work

Get your systems ready to grow with your business

We work with your business to create a plan that will improve your technology over time, giving you the results you need.


Support and Maintenance

  • We are happy to look after clients existing infrastructure and services.
  • Prevention rather than cure - we monitor systems and fix issues as they arise and often before they cause problems.
  • We will update and support all of your hardware and software.
  • You will receive a fast response to business critical problems.

Backups and disaster recovery

  • All data is encrypted and backed up to multiple secure locations
  • Backups are monitored and tested for reliability.
  • Versioning is done in case you need an old version of an overwritten file
  • In the event of a disaster, data can be quickly restored to keep your business running.

Cloud - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • We offer a fully managed desktop/server environment.
  • Hosted on our highly available cloud platform.
  • Accessible from any hardware, mobile devices, or thin clients saving hardware costs.
  • Accessible globally without large bandwidth requirements (ideal for businesses who may have offices in locations with poor connectivity).

Hosted Exchange

  • Highly available and powerful email platform
  • Synchronise contacts, calendars and tasks between desktop and mobile devices.
  • Collaborate within your team.


  • Antivirus software to protect you from the latest threats.
  • Firewalls to keep unwanted software and entities out of your network.
  • Monitoring for alerts of compromise attempts.